Streamline Your Business with Zoho One

At FORECOM, we understand that businesses, regardless of size, need tailored solutions.

Zoho's fully customizable suite is designed to break down departmental silos, fostering seamless collaboration across your organization.


Elevate your revenue with our comprehensive Zoho services

Zoho isn't just a tool—it's the only solution you'll ever need. From driving revenue growth and fostering inter-departmental collaboration to running marketing campaigns, Zoho's ever-evolving suite has your back.

And what sets Zoho apart? Your data remains exclusively yours. Zoho ensures no third-party intrusions and never claims ownership.

zoho crm

Optimize Lead and Customer Management with Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM, central to the solutions we provide, is meticulously designed for businesses to oversee leads, monitor sales, and cultivate lasting customer relationships.

With its robust automation, in-depth analytics, and diverse communication channels, it ensures a seamless and consistent customer journey.

Master Marketing with Zoho MarketingHub

Manage your social media, design email campaigns, create forms and surveys, build your website, engage customers with live chat, and automate your marketing—all in one place.

Plus, with Zoho's powerful AI, you're always a step ahead.

zoho marketing hub

Delight Customers with Zoho Desk

Deliver excellence in every customer touchpoint. Zoho Desk features efficient multi-channel support, personalized assistance, and streamlined ticket management.

This ensures that every query is more than just addressed—it's valued.

Streamline Finance Management with Zoho Books

Navigate the financial landscape confidently with Zoho Books. From effortless invoicing and meticulous expense tracking to transparent cash flow management, it's all about clarity and control.

Detailed insights and automation tools ensure your finances are always in order.

zoho connect

Collaborate and Manage Projects with ZOHO Connect

Bring your teams together. Whether it's through discussion channels, document sharing, task management, or project tracking, Zoho ensures seamless collaboration.

Plus, with its email server hosting and dedicated mobile app, you can manage your work anytime, anywhere.

Empower HR Processes with Zoho People

By integrating recruitment, onboarding, and employee tasks, Zoho People ensures data centralization and strict adherence to labor regulations.

Its advanced automation tools elevate the efficiency of operations, making HR management both intuitive and effective.

zoho people
zoho analytics-1

Harness Data with Zoho Analytics

Data is the new gold, and with Zoho's BI & Analytics, you can mine it like a pro.

Dive deep into predictive analytics and leverage AI-powered data preparation to make informed decisions that drive growth.

Secure Your Devices with Zoho's IT Management

Empower your IT teams with the ability to craft custom apps, utilize remote assistance, manage passwords seamlessly, and access a robust ticketing system.

In the realm of security and versatility, Zoho stands unparalleled.

zoho it management


charter advisory

References and Projects

I had the opportunity to work with Lukáš on my projects. I highly recommend - Lukáš is an e-commerce expert. PS. I am waiting for a new opportunity to cooperate!
I worked very well with Lukáš Lískovec, mainly thanks to his comprehensive know-how in the field of digital marketing combined with very good analytical thinking. Lukáš also has a great overview of all possible technologies and thanks to that he is able to advise his clients correctly which technology to use.
Jan Tkáč
CEO, Ave Soft
Lukáš Lískovec helped us a lot and solved the things we had trouble with. He is a professional and a great person.
Milan Pichlík
Lukáš prepared an analysis of the competition for us, which became one of the bases for our marketing plan. He always responded immediately and kept everything we agreed on. Jiří Biskup Website Coordinator, Europass
Jiří Biskup
Koordinátor webových stránek, Europass
ForEcom has helped GoodData with complex migration from Marketo to HubSpot including integrations with Salesforce and many other Sales & Marketing tools. They were a great partner during the initial project and continue providing excellent services in the management of daily business activities and have always been very flexible, delivered on time and as requested. Overall, it is a pleasure to work with them and we will continue our cooperation.
Ondrej Maca
Director, IT & RevOps Infrastructure, GoodData


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