Everything you need to
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Maintain your level of knowledge about site visitor behaviour with Google Analytics 4. We've convered everything you need to know, including:

  1. Basic concepts of GA4 and comparison with Universal Analytics
  2. New paradigm: event-based tracking
  3. Ecommerce tracking with GA4
  4. Checklist to get started using GA4

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What's happening in the world of Google Analytics

According to Google's announcement, Universal Analytics will cease to be available on 1st of July 2023 and will be replaced by the new Google Analytics 4.

Paradign shift
in web tracking

Events are at the core of web tracking in Google Analytics 4, leaving behind the old concept of session. This paradign shift brings the ability to understand the entire stories and intent of your website visitors.

Oppurtunity to gain
even more from your data

The end of Universal Analytics is not a thread to those who come prepared. Learn about the GA4 concepts, develop an action plan (feel free to copy ours), and gain an even better understanding of your data.

Get advice from our experts

Setting up Google Analytics is not easy. Yet it can have a significant impact on your key marketing decisions. Enlist the help of your experts and make data your edge.

Smooth transition to GA4

Let our experts take care of a successful transition from UA to GA4.

Setting up GA4 from scratch

Launching a new project? We'll prepare everything you need to get started.

Audit and debugging

Errors always occur. We'll dive in and set everything up for a reliable measurement.

Advanced integrations

We make sure your GA4 works with a whole ecosystem of other applications.

Confident event tracking

Understand the whole story with advanced event tracking and invest accordingly.

Custom dashboards

Report with certainty. All the key data is available to you in a few clicks.

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