HubSpot Inbound 2023: New Features to Expect

If you are as excited as we are to explore what HubSpot has planned for us in 2023, then buckle up, because we are revealing all the amazing features that will make our professional lives significantly easier.


Marketing Hub

Sales Hub


Service Hub

CRM Platform



In the following sections, we'll get into the new and enhanced features across HubSpot's suite of tools. Whether you're looking to ramp up your sales efforts with the Sales Hub, create engaging web experiences with the CMS Hub, or streamline marketing operations with the Marketing Hub, there's something in store for everyone. 

Each Hub is getting a hefty dose of upgrades to ensure a smoother, more efficient user experience. So, let's explore the exciting transformations HubSpot is bringing to the table in 2023!


Marketing Hub

HubSpot's Marketing Hub is a comprehensive platform designed to empower businesses in optimizing their marketing efforts. It provides a suite of tools that facilitate content creation, lead generation, marketing automation, analytics, and much more. 

With its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, it aims to streamline marketing processes, making it easier for marketers to attract, engage, and delight their audience.

Features in Development

  1.  AI Content Assistant
    The AI Content Assistant is set to significantly ease the content creation process. Notably, it will help you generate:

    1.  SEO-friendly blog post topics, titles, metadata, and outlines from scratch, thus tackling the common issue of writer's block.

      This feature extends to providing text editing commands for refining blog outlines, paragraphs, and conclusions, making content creation a breeze. 

    2.  LinkedIn and Facebook ad copy, simplifying the creation of ad copy variants for campaigns on these platforms.

    3.  Email subject lines based on the content of your emails.

    4.  Landing page copy with just a click.

    5.  Images based on prompts or the task at hand.

  2.  SMS Native Channel
    Extend your reach by engaging contacts through additional native channels via HubSpot.

  3.  Approval Requests
    Streamline your workflow with approval requests for marketing emails, landing pages, blogs, and website pages.

  4.  Campaign Templates
    Kickstart your omni-channel marketing campaigns with ready-to-use templates.

  5.  Automation Snippets & Governance
    Utilize no-code, reusable automation snippets, and enjoy enhanced access control and recovery tools.

  6.  Marketing Campaign Associations
    Monitor the performance of external web pages, marketing events, pop-up CTAs, and more within your Marketing Campaigns.

Features Being Planned

  1.  Social CRM Insights
    Foster meaningful interactions by tracking prospects' engagements on social networks and leveraging social CRM data.

  2.  Dynamic Journey Analyzer
    Discover common pathways between any customer journey starting and endpoint, presented in a visually appealing report.

  3.  Expanded Custom Behavioral Events
    Harness more event data and import offline event data to enrich your HubSpot experience.

  4.  Marketing Email Single Send API
    Send marketing emails based on external data seamlessly.

  5. Campaign ROI Reporting
    Input budget details to dynamically track your marketing campaign ROI across all channels and assets.

  6. Marketing Audiences
    Segment and offer personalized experiences to deliver targeted content to anonymous website visitors, enhancing engagement.

Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales platform designed to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and improve engagement between your sales team and prospects. 

With a user-friendly interface and a suite of advanced tools, it simplifies the sales process from prospecting to closing deals.

Features in Development

  1.  Prospecting Workspace
    Introducing a dedicated hub for Sales Development Representatives to streamline their tasks, activities, leads, and all essential elements for effective prospecting.

  2.  Lead Tracking and Reporting
    Enhanced reporting features to provide managers with insights into work rates, rep efficiency, and answers to common queries.

  3.  Sales Engagement Enhancements
    Upgrades to Sequence tailored for large and sophisticated selling teams, along with changes to accommodate high-volume activities.

  4.  Intelligent Deal Management
    Delve deeper into pipeline health and performance reporting, enjoy pipeline prioritization tools, and significant forecasting improvements.

  5.  Advanced Call Coaching
    Elevate your call coaching game with new tools designed to assist managers in onboarding and upskilling their reps.

  6.  Deeper LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration
    Boost rep productivity and customer interactions by streamlining sales intelligence processes.

  7.  Data Model Enhancements
    Look forward to new association types, property types, objects, and events data types that will refine HubSpot's data model. 

  8.  CRM UI (User Interface) Extensibility
    2023 will unveil a revamped CRM layout architecture, new card types, and additional customization options across CRM pages.

  9.  Asset Management Improvements
    HubSpot is progressing asset management to bolster your team's productivity and brand consistency.

Features Being Planned

  1.  Governance Enhancements
    An overhauled permissions framework, refined consent management, user setup & management improvements, logging, and approvals for a more structured governance.


HubSpot CMS (Content Management System) Hub is an easy-to-use tool that helps both developers and marketers build and manage websites. It's packed with features that make creating a good-looking, effective website straightforward. 

Now in 2023, CMS Hub is adding even more useful features, making it simpler to have a website that does exactly what you want it to do, whether that's attracting visitors, making sales, or more.

Features in Development

  1.  AI Website Builder
    HubSpot is unveiling a revolutionary website builder that crafts a full-fledged website for you instantly, inclusive of theme, copy, and images.

  2.  Dynamic Content
    Experience marketer-friendly previews for list and detail pages powered by HubDB, enriched with new column types, drag-and-drop row reordering, column sorting, multi-language support, and more.

  3.  Enhanced Multi-Language Content Management
    Ongoing enhancements to the multi-language content management experience, including streamlined blog variation creation and support for diacritic URLs.

  4.  B2B Commerce Tools
    Discover new and updated modules and templates that facilitate easy embedding of payment links into pages, blog posts, and beyond.

  5.  AI Blog Idea Generator
    Harness AI to churn out intriguing blog topic ideas for exploration and composition.

  6.  Enhanced Modules Experience
    Explore new and improved default modules, better accessibility, an enriched developer experience, and new categories to help you pinpoint the right modules and sections.

Features Being Planned

  1.  AI Content Repurposing and Distribution
    Elevate your content strategy by repurposing and crafting variations of your existing content, ensuring a wider reach by distributing them across diverse channels.

  2.  Memberships Enhancements
    Look forward to improvements in registration emails, streamlined authentication and login, session timeout, and a rejuvenated user experience.

  3.  AI Image Generator
    Create captivating AI-powered images from text prompts.

  4.  Site Speed Improvements
    Diagnose and rectify performance issues to enhance HubSpot CMS website loading speed for customers globally.

  5.  Content Quality Suggestions
    Utilize an AI-powered tool to refine tone of voice, grammar, clarity, and readability.

  6. Seamless Domain Name Connection
    Simplify the process of searching, registering, and connecting a domain name without the need to exit HubSpot.

Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub is a platform designed to help customer service teams manage and respond to customer issues efficiently. It's filled with features that make it easier to track customer requests, respond to them quickly, and ensure that customers are happy with the support they receive.

Features in Development

  1.  New Help Desk Experience
    HubSpot is introducing a ticket-first workspace designed to empower support teams in resolving customer issues efficiently.

  2.  Knowledge Base Editing
    Revel in an enhanced styling and editing experience, now powered by the CMS, making knowledge base management a breeze.

  3.  AI-Powered Support Rep Assistant
    Boost rep efficiency with AI-assisted replies and conversation summaries, ensuring quicker and more accurate responses.

  4.  Ticket Routing by User Skills
    Implement ticket routing that aligns customer needs with the rep possessing the right skills, enhancing resolution effectiveness.

  5.  SMS in the Conversations Inbox
    Extend your support channel to SMS, enabling a more flexible and accessible customer service experience.

  6.  Inbound Calling for Teams
    Manage team calls effortlessly with a single phone number that rings multiple reps simultaneously, ensuring no call goes unanswered.

Plánované funkce

  1.  Working Hours and Out of Office for Users
    Define user working hours and out-of-office statuses to manage user availability effectively.

  2.  Improved Help Desk Reporting
    Gain deeper insights into service operations based on Help Desk activities, aiding in data-driven decision-making.

  3.  Advanced SLA (Service Level Agreement)
    Experience SLAs with greater customization, control, and reporting capabilities, aligning service goals with business objectives.

  4.  Advanced Call Routing for Teams
    Navigate call traffic efficiently with IVR trees, holds, transfers, and conference calls, ensuring seamless communication.

  5.  Channel Integration APIs
    Integrate any text-based messaging channel into the Help Desk experience, broadening your support channel spectrum.

  6. UI Configuration
    Tailor the Help Desk experience to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient service environment.

CRM Platform

​​HubSpot CRM Platform is a powerful tool that helps businesses keep track of their customers and manage relationships with them. It's loaded with features that make it easy to organize customer information, track sales deals, and communicate with customers all in one place.

Features in Development

  1.  CRM Customization
    Embrace a new CRM layout experience featuring new card types, data model updates, and an expanded range of extension points across CRM pages.

  2.  Granular Permissions
    Our ongoing investment in refined permissions continues, with a spotlight on email engagement on record timelines.

  3.  Permissions Panel Improvements
    The revamped permissions panel is set to offer admins a more structured permissions information architecture.

  4.  Default User Properties
    HubSpot is integrating default properties into the new user record, providing a foundational canvas for starting employee information.

  5.  Approval for Pages
    Users will have the option to request approval before publishing a landing page, website page, or blog post, ensuring quality control.

  6.  Reporting Discovery
    Experience an updated reporting architecture that facilitates easy identification and construction of key reports for your business.

  7.  Consent Dashboard
    A dedicated dashboard to highlight crucial consent insights across your end users' journeys.

  8.  Global Toolbar in Navigation
    Discover a new toolbar atop the current navigation, creating room for an expanded global search box and enhanced discoverability.

  9.  Sidebar Navigation
    Enjoy a sidebar view of the secondary navigation for a smoother transition from task to task.

Features Being Planned

  1.  Reporting Layer of Logging
    A reporting layer atop the centralized audit log to simplify information digestion and trend spotting.

  2.  Native Consent Option in Ads
    To streamline the consent acquisition process in Ads, HubSpot plans to introduce a default option in the ad creation stage.

  3.  Easier User Management
    The upcoming feature will allow for filtering users based on existing properties and executing bulk actions on them with greater ease.


As we wrap up our overview of HubSpot's upcoming updates for 2023, it's clear that there are many exciting enhancements on the horizon. 

One trend that stands out is the integration of AI, which promises to benefit content creators by simplifying the process of crafting engaging content. Additionally, a range of new features across all Hubs will make task management easier for all departments that use HubSpot.

These advancements demonstrate HubSpot's dedication to providing a user-friendly and efficient platform. With these updates, managing tasks across various departments will become much more streamlined.

We're excited to use these new features to achieve better results in all our HubSpot-related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major updates in HubSpot's Marketing Hub for 2023?

The Marketing Hub is introducing an AI Content Assistant, SMS Native Channel, Approval Requests, Campaign Templates, Automation Snippets & Governance, and Marketing Campaign Associations among other features.

How is HubSpot enhancing the CMS Hub in 2023?

CMS Hub will have a new AI Website Builder, Dynamic Content features, Enhanced Multi-Language Content Management, B2B Commerce Tools, AI Blog Idea Generator, and Enhanced Modules Experience to name a few.

What improvements are coming to the Service Hub?

Service Hub is introducing a New Help Desk Experience, Knowledge Base Editing, AI-Powered Support Rep Assistant, Ticket Routing by User Skills, SMS in the Conversations Inbox, and Inbound Calling for Teams among other features.

How is HubSpot CRM Platform evolving in 2023?

The CRM Platform is getting a new CRM layout experience, Granular Permissions, Permissions Panel Improvements, Default User Properties, Approval for Pages, Reporting Discovery, and a Consent Dashboard among other enhancements.

What is the focus of HubSpot's updates across all Hubs in 2023?

A significant focus is on integrating AI to simplify content creation and task management, alongside introducing features that streamline workflow, enhance user experience, and provide better control and reporting capabilities.

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